Located on the western side of the township, the man-made Lake Indawarra lake has recently benefited from extensive restoration and revegetation. A newly constructed walking trail surrounds the lake and is a pleasant short walk.

A competition at the school to name the lake was held and Lake Indawarra, which is an Aboriginal name meaning “many lakes” or “small lagoon” was the winner.  Lake Indawarra was officially opened in March 1980.  It was used principally as a boating lake and many home made boats were tried and tested on the water.

Lake Indawarra

In 2007, combined community groups started a major upgrade, this consisted of walking trails, revegetation and water quality improvements.  Thanks to an injection of grant funding, this made it possible for local children to learn and investigate about water quality, birds, frogs and fish!  Enjoyed locally as a popular swimming spot and picnic area.

Over the last 10 years, the Lake is becoming increasingly popular spot to stop, rest & relax.


South Australia’s only Golf Disc Park is located on the shores of Lake Indawarra.