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Shop Locally and here is why

We appreciate your business… when you shop or use services in Tintinara you are supporting the locals that own and run the businesses, not big chains…. So THANK YOU

We decide where we spend our money; we choose to spend our money locally with other independents businesses in our town supporting the local community. We do what we say: We value supporting each other and this is what creates a thriving economic community.

Local Jobs; The bigger our local businesses get the more jobs we create, this in turn creates a flow on to schools, health services and makes it more attractive for new businesses, services and people to want to live in our town.

Our local businesses want to know YOU… we want to build relationships that go further than money, we want to provide services you need and want we cherish our customers.

Local businesses are asked to sponsor all the sporting clubs and community groups, we can not support them if their members don’t support us… and we want to have active sporting clubs and community groups.

We love and believe in our town and community, we want to be involved in our town, we enjoy being apart of a community that genuinely cares for each other and the future of our children… The landscape of Tintinara could go backward quickly if you choose to ignore our plea..


The towns future is a matter of choice and the question is do we want to live in a ghost town or do we want to continue to grow?