TRADE  (Tintinara Regional Areas Development Enterprises Inc)

Tintinara Regional Areas Development Enterprises Inc., known as TRADE, was formed to promote the development of business, tourism and primary production enterprises. It works closely with local businesses, local government, regional development boards and government departments to encourage new enterprises or expand existing ones, and secures funding for numerous projects

Current members stand at 10 from a wide sector of the community. President Faith Coleman, Secretary Lisa Fatchen, and Treasurer Jacki Cunningham, work with a wide range of community members and projects.

We strive to create awareness of local businesses and encourage locals to use local services.

Projects include:

  • Towns Website
  • Promoting Tintinara businesses through shop local, town maps with services on the back and the upgrade of the Tintinara website.
  • Working with service clubs and development groups on improving town amenities.
  • Exploring new ways to expand the population of the town.
  • Constant search for grants to improve current community assets.
  • Developing an accurate database of the towns services and trades.


We encourage anybody interested in the sustainability of the town to contact us. All new members are welcome.