Living in Tintinara

Tintinara is an easy and great place to live –

  • it’s an easy 120 minute drive to Adelaide
  • only a 75 minute drive to Murray Bridge,
  • just 30 minutes from Keith,
  • 20 minutes to one of SA’s best national parks ,  and
  • 30 minutes from the beautiful Coorong.

The coastal towns of Meningie and Salt Creek are also just a short drive away.

It’s a convenient location between Adelaide and Melbourne on a major highway, combined with its 90 mile desert location, make it a popular choice for easy, relaxed living.

The friendliness and community spirit of Tintinara has enticed many families and businesses to call Tintinara home.

Our town boasts fewer crowds; less concrete and hassles; more serenity, nature, and neighbors we can count on.

In Tintinara, moms and dads are stepping up to help their children thrive; they volunteer in schools, coach sports teams, and keep bike trails and playgrounds clean, build social events.

Come and try what our location has to offer, a great sense of diversity among the people, healthy choices for food and places to exercise, also it is a community for everyone! Life is good.

Our town has a great school, friendly neighbours, its safe, bike-friendly, kid-friendly, sports clubs and programs, many outdoor activities which boast 2 public playgrounds, a beautiful shallow lake to swim in or relax next to, many kilometres of walking trials around the outskirts of the town. The views of our beautiful landscape, lake, national parks and on the trails are breathtaking. You feel a sense of peace. It’s a town with a lot to offer, but can also be a place of refuge.

The people of Tintinara are welcoming and cultured. Tintinara is a place of home. A great place to live!